There in the middleness

Set monolithically within the vast greenery of The Padang, and distanced peripherally by the city's modern skyline, the installation draws the viewer to its peaceful inner sanctum. It aims to lift the spirits of the viewer to then collectively as a society reimagine new possibilities for the future. It symbolises hope and empowerment in facing the impending challenges with newfound values.

The circle symbolises hope and healing. It is a perfect and geometric form that signifies totality, wholeness, and perfection. It also communicates the infinite, timeless nature of the cycle; the cycle of development, of improvement and progression. The circle is power and hope; it draws you into its core, accepts and comforts you. It does not reject but seeks to empower. It symbolises the dawn of a new beginning; of a new season. The I-beam represents strength and progression as a nation. Its formal characteristic symbolises the advancement of technology, of the high-density hyper-urbanised development of the metropolis.

Commissioned by National Gallery Singapore